It is my mission to help you feel like you can live again.


You know how so many people feel lost or stuck? Well I am a Certified Life Coach and I help inspire people to get moving again to a more fulfilled life.  I help them find their happiness so that they can move forward to LIVE again! I provide support and tools by taking them through a 7 step Model of Clarity & Results to help them find themselves and pull out their deepest desires.  My focus is on helping people who feel lost and inspire them to get "unstuck" while empowering them to create a plan and move forward to a happier life and to start LIVING again!  I help motivate them to take action steps towards their new personal goals as well as hold them accountable! How can I help you?  Contact me today for a free 30 minute Discovery Session and start taking that first step towards achieving your goals and living a more fulfilled life!!

— Melissa Davis (Holt)


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After retiring over a year ago, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I’d start things to improve my life, but I wouldn’t finish them. Coach Melissa taught me how to focus and helped me to fine tune the choices I wanted and needed. Through her support and accountability, I now find happiness and motivation to finish the projects that I start in all areas of my life. With Melissa’s encouraging ways, I have even lost 10 pounds! I am truly grateful for her continued support.
— Sue R of Ohio